Seoul Garden Singapore

Zingrill Holdings is an organization of the restaurant owner and operator of famous restaurants as Breeks Seoul Garden Singapore.

The company started in 1983 with Seoul Garden Singapore, then a fine Korean Restaurant serving authentic Korean cuisine.

The company and its brands have evolved since through the test of time.

Today Seoul Garden Singapore is a culinary concept.

But he stuck to his belief in Korean cuisine in a buffet style format at very affordable prices.

This leads us to better reach our customers - who are usually young families, young working adults and even students in their teens.

Seoul Garden Singapore The idea is to grow the brand in conjunction with customers - years of study for working adults to raise a family.

The variety of food served has also evolved over time to meet the local market demands.

It was halal to meet the growing needs of the Muslim market, but still retains the flavors of Korea style that made us a household name.

Breeks Café was created in 1996 as a western restaurant concept Café offers an attractive and affordable Western menu.

Over the years, our customers have appreciated our offers value for money and delicious recipes, including our popular half-chicken and mashed potatoes.

Breeks has been renamed to give the restaurant a younger, with his food resource development.

Lately, customer tastes have changed and are now more accustomed to our Breeks famous classic Brownies and our mixed, as our beloved Massive Attack parfait.

Today Zingrill Holdings has a chain of restaurants and catering very successful concepts across the region.

Other investments are being made with Vietnam and the Philippines.

We will continue looking for new ways to grow our brands throughout the region, and Singapore.

One of our areas of growth was our gift card program successfully with local and multinational companies with the support of their own loyalty programs and acquisition.

Asia continues to be our growth engine, Zingrill Holdings will aim to develop new ideas for the restoration and continue innovating with interesting programs that serve the development of the brand throughout Asia.

Sisters Brands Of  Seoul Garden Singapore

Coffee breeks

Coffee is a coffee breeks American style offering a very attractive and affordable menu, unique ambiance restaurant and an exciting attraction dedicated to younger guests.

Our value-priced menu offers many appetizers and American-style dishes, accompanied by a variety of other tasty favorites such as the famous "half BBQ chicken", homemade dressings, generous salads, great steaks, pasta, delicious desserts and more.

All of our menu items are halal. To learn more about Breeks visit Breek

Seoul Garden Solar Cooker

Solar cooker Seoul Garden serves a casual place for young adults, professionals and families who have an affinity for an authentic Korean cuisine comfort of work.

Seoul Garden Solar Cooker is well known for its delicious bibim Baps, piping hot dishes and tasty kettle and a range of snacks and dishes that perfectly complement each dish.

With the market demand for fast, flavorful food and food at affordable prices, it is expected to Seoul Garden Singapore Hotpot to develop and grow not only in Singapore but throughout Asia.

And Seoul Garden Singapore is a pioneer in the service of authentic Korean food and Halal certificate in Singapore.
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